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Updating administrative data

  Vincent ran a script which updated all the administrative location information for caves on Grottocenter (country, region, etc.) And for several months this information has been determined automatically when you create a new entry or edit an entry by moving it significantly.   This makes the results of advanced searches much more complete and secure.  
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Thank you for your contributions

  A year ago, thanks to funding from the UIS and FSE, but also thanks to the work of volunteer developers, it was possible to use Grottocenter to capture complete information about caves.   Today contributors are working on the inventory of Vercors, Tarn, Hérault, Aude, Meurthe et Moselle, Cantabria. Thank you all  

Install Grottocenter on your computer

  A few days ago Vincent released an update that updates the process to install Grottocenter. He also rewrote the documentation This is an opportunity for you to install Grottocenter on your computer, test the program, improve it, test new features    

All the (caving) newspapers of the world on one page

  Michele Sivelli has carried out a very important work of listing caving magazines all over the world. This information has been ported to the Grottocenter Wiki to enable BBS contributions. Bernard Thomachot has just done a very important job to facilitate navigation between the pages, the translation and to improve the formatting.   We invite you to discover (almost) all the caving magazines from around the world and to help update the information essential to all lovers of the underground environment.  

The Wikicaves association is 10 years old

  The Wikicaves association was created in January 2013 to take responsibility for Grottocenter, which had been developed by Clément Ronzon from 2008.   To celebrate these 10 years of activity here are some data to visualize the evolution of Grottocenter.  

Grottocenter Mobile

  Benjamin has just published the Grottocenter Mobile application which is now available on the Google Play Store. We are very proud of it   It allows you to work on the karst, with or without an internet connection.   If you are connected to Grottocenter, this allows you to update the information on the site, either directly or later, when you have internet access.   Please download it, test it and leave a review on the Play Store  

Grottocenter / Wikicaves t-shirt

  We offer you a new way to promote Grottocenter: buy and wear the Grottocenter / Wikicaves t-shirt.   For the past few days it has been possible on the Hello Asso platform