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Happy New Year for 2020

 Hello, We are sending you this message, first of all , to wish you a Happy New Year for 2020 and to present the new features of the latest version of Grottocenter ( under development  at ) So what’s new this year ? •     You can now view and search the BBS data (Speleological Bibliographic Bulletin): that’s 111,134 documents available to you . •     Access  to data via  maps has already been available for a few months. •     The V2 coordinate conversion tool from Grottocenter has been transposed to V3. •     You can now download data in csv format If you think the Grottocenter/Wikicaves project is worth supporting , give us a hand ;-) We need people like you to translate, take part in development, promote the project, or enter data and information provided  by our partners. Work is still underway to define the Grottocenter V3 user interface. If you wish to contribute, or simply give us some feedback , then make sure you contact us .