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Grottocenter at Fosdem

 The Fosdem is one of the biggest European event around free software. It is held each year in Brussels; Christopher Peeters will give a presentation of Grottocenter on Sunday February 5 from 10:40 a.m. to 10:55 a.m. in room H2215  

New page to create / edit entries / organizations / massifs

  Vincent has just published a new page allowing you to create or modify entries, organizations and beds on Grottocenter.   The main developments are as follows:   Everything is done on one page rather than in stages It is possible to locate the entry or the organization directly on the map.   Language and country is suggested from your location     It is possible to indicate the year of discovery of the entry   The massifs can be described by a polygon which can be made up of an unlimited number of points  

See the ghosts on Grottocenter

  On Grottocenter we don't delete objects, they become "ghosts". That is to say that we can no longer find them thanks to the search engine but they still exist, differently.   This makes it possible to keep the history of the actions carried out, possibly to cancel them and to give a clear answer if another site has stored the URL of a deleted object.     Benjamin created the page of deleted objects, "ghosts". Often these objects are deleted because they were duplicates, the new reference object is then indicated  

Grottocenter even faster

 Vincent took over the code so that it is much lighter to download, that it downloads gradually and he added a waiting page... But it's so fast that you won't be able to enjoy it!  

Caves search by country easier

From now on it is possible to indicate a country by its code but also by its name in English, French and in the language of the country.  

New Apis server

Benjamin has just transferred the Apis server to a new machine on Azure infrastructure.   This should bring better quality service to users. From now on the update will be carried out in a fully automated way and for the Wikicaves association this new solution is less expensive.  

Grottocenter: new organization for networks and entrances

Vincent has just done a major job of reorganizing the entrance and network pages on Grottocenter. Basic information is better displayed, clearer, a new link allows you to view the caves on Google Map in addition to OSM.   And now it's possible to put a description on the page that describes a network   It may be necessary to reload the site to see the new version (Ctrl + R under Windows)