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We need your opinion for the version 3.0 of Grottocenter!

We started to work on the version 3 .0 of GrottoCenter which will be available early 2014. To provide the best possible service we would like to know the opinion of our users. You can share with us your point of view about the new features that you would like to see or about the difficulties that you encountered with the current version of GrottoCenter by filling out this short online questionnaire . It will be closed in July . The specification is being written and we will work on the first mockups in the coming weeks.  

We offer several ways to get involved in the project

The website has been really active for a few months. This message is a quick overview of the project and will explain how you can contribute. The web application is a worldwide database community dedicated to speleology and based on the wiki collaborative system. The project aims to list natural caves ; every caver can collaborate to the database. All the data on is under the CC-BY-NC license which guarantees free access and free usage of the data for non-commercial use with respect of the authors’ rights. The software running GrottoCenter is licensed under the AGPL license; all source code is available on Github. This license is similar to the CC-BY-NC license but is better-suited for web-application. The 2012 GrottoCenter statistics : Accounts 1340 Cave entries 31422 Caving Clubs 423 Languages 4 You can follow the project on Facebook , Twitter , a blo