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Participate in the AGM of the Wikicaves association

  The Wikicaves association will hold its AGM from April 22 to 28. If you are interested in receiving the emails that will be exchanged during this general meeting, let us know by sending us a message    

“BD Cavités” on Grottocenter

    The elements of the “BD Cavités”, a database created by the BRGM, have just been integrated into Grottocenter. Several thousand entries enrich the database “created by cavers for cavers”. Grottocenter has already exceeded 102,000 entrances and cavities.   For various historical reasons, the coordinates of these entries, proposed by the BRGM, are not always very precise. Everyone, in their area of interest, will be able to improve these locations and also complete the encyclopedic sections, as well as the associated documents. Everyone's work will benefit everyone.