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100,000 caves on Grottocenter

  Grottocenter gives you free access to more than 100,000 caves. This is just the beginning, thanks to your commitment this figure is changing every day

Major evolution of the BBS on Grottocenter

  All analyzes carried out for issues 27 to 55 of the BBS were integrated into the BBS on Grottocenter, whenever possible the articles were associated with their journal and their collection.   Vincent has just published a very large work which constitutes version 24.0 of Grottocenter. It was made possible thanks to funding provided by the SSS A first part consists of updating all the libraries used The creation of documents has been moved to the entity creation menu and this is done in a single window without going through different steps The management of details has been improved, for example the link of a document to a massif is done from the massif page The information in the documents page has been reorganized to have a more condensed, more readable whole. The associated license is displayed and it is directly possible to view the image, PDF, sound or video files. An important element concerns the relationship to geographical entities. Previously we associated BBS docu

Make a donation for Grottocenter to manage scientific observations   Pollution, human activity, data from sensors, topography, photogrammetry, biospeleology: a lot of data is collected on the underground environment. It's time to provide them with a place to save them and make them accessible to the entire community. This is what we are proposing as our objective for 2024. For this we need your help. By collecting €5,000 we will be able to have a student work for 5 months on this subject. With €20,000 we are able to build a complete topographical data processing chain.   Your help will become our common good