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Want to participate?

Hello, The Wikicaves Association is working on a new version of the website to be proposed to you in the coming months. At the same time we wish to change the logo : Therefore, we invite you to participate in a big contest. The rules are the following: The logo must express the grottocenter values : Caving, knowledge sharing, worldwide We encourage you to include the Grottocenter name in your logo. The existing Grottocenter logo can be reused and adapted. The logo should, if possible, be presented as a vector file. The logo should be original. You should mention in your message that you agree to it being put under CC-BY-SA licence. Please address your propostion to The different projects will be published on the Grottocenter facebook web-page. The Management Board of the Wikicaves association will choose the logo according to the « like » obtained by each proposition. You may join the Wikicaves As

New license for GrottoCenter

By decision of the Board of Directors of the association Wikicaves dated May 12, 2013, the license of has been changed from CC-BY-NC to CC-BY-SA. This decision was motivated by our will to: - Allow a link with other open source projects through the use of compatible licenses - Encourage users of data from GrottoCenter to share their work under the same license. Thus, the caving data will become gradually more accessible. If you have added information under copyright in GrottoCenter and if you do not want this information to remain on the site under the new license, please contact us

Volunteers for GrottoCenter & FSE Partnership development

Dear Caving Friends, The FSE has the pleasure to inform you that we have signed a partnership agreement with the association Wikicaves who has created the well-known site that become "Privileged Partner" of the European Speleological Federation. The aim is to broadcast this speleological multilingual wiki-tool (5 languages at this day) among the clubs and local caving structures allover Europe. For this, the association Wikicaves is looking for volunteer cavers in every European country, and even outside Europe, in order to developp the following actions : - Exchange informations on a definite area (county, regions, states or European linguistic area) (local correspondants) - Translation of the website in other languages (at this day English, French, Spanish, German and Bulgarian) - Web development (Integration of the different caving modules in the site) - Data entry of specific data about European

We need your opinion for the version 3.0 of Grottocenter!

We started to work on the version 3 .0 of GrottoCenter which will be available early 2014. To provide the best possible service we would like to know the opinion of our users. You can share with us your point of view about the new features that you would like to see or about the difficulties that you encountered with the current version of GrottoCenter by filling out this short online questionnaire . It will be closed in July . The specification is being written and we will work on the first mockups in the coming weeks.  

We offer several ways to get involved in the project

The website has been really active for a few months. This message is a quick overview of the project and will explain how you can contribute. The web application is a worldwide database community dedicated to speleology and based on the wiki collaborative system. The project aims to list natural caves ; every caver can collaborate to the database. All the data on is under the CC-BY-NC license which guarantees free access and free usage of the data for non-commercial use with respect of the authors’ rights. The software running GrottoCenter is licensed under the AGPL license; all source code is available on Github. This license is similar to the CC-BY-NC license but is better-suited for web-application. The 2012 GrottoCenter statistics : Accounts 1340 Cave entries 31422 Caving Clubs 423 Languages 4 You can follow the project on Facebook , Twitter , a blo

Cave Inventory : Bouches du Rhône - France

Bouches-du-Rhône is a department in the south of France named after the mouth of the Rhône River . It is renowned for it's capital city, Marseille and it's Calanques which were recently (April 2012) declared National Parks due to their uniqueness. At a caving point of view, this region has some notable underwater caves like the Cosquer cave . Grottocenter has a detailed cave inventory of this region with 562 caves . We are also lucky enough to have an active member of the GrottoCenter community who has enrich the available information for this region. So, Guy Maurel give you access for example to the Daladé cave map. Thanks to him and to all the GrottoCenter's contributors.

Cave inventory : Lebanon

Lebanon is a small and be autiful country on the Eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea. It is also a really rich place for caving : Grottocenter has 285 caves for this country. The most famous caves are the Jeita Grotto (finalist of the New 7 Wonders of Nature ) and the Afqa Grotto. The coordinates usually used for caves in Lebanon are the Lebanon Lambert, however, with GrottoCenter you can convert it to any other coordinate reference system. For more information about caving in Lebanon you can contact the association Libanaise d'études spéléologiques .

GrottoCenter Tips n°2

You come back from a caving trip... The time has come to share with the community. First you need to log in to GrottoCenter Then you need to find your cave in the database. There is multiple ways to do that but the simpler is to find it on the map an then click on the cave pack which represent it. You can update the details about the position, the depth,  the length, the address, ... but this will be detailed in an other post. Today you will tell what you discover during your caving trip and if you enjoyed it. To do that you need to click on the red "Detailed sheet..." link in the pop up. A new page let you add information. To add information on a section which is empty, just click on the "+" on the right. For a section which already has information you have 2 choices : You can enrich/update the existing info by clicking on the pencil icon on the left You can add a totally new info by clicking on the "+" on the left Be careful