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Grottocenter in full screen

Vincent has just published a new feature that allows you to view entries, networks, organizations and massifs on a full-screen map. Just click on the new icon on each map  

The membership campaign for the Wikicaves association for 2023 is open

  This year we have chosen to entrust Hello Asso with the management of memberships to the Wikicaves association.     HelloAsso is a social and solidarity economy company which supports more than 200,000 associations.   Your membership, your donation will allow us to continue working to promote the sharing of information on the underground environment.   You will have access to regular information on the project, will be able to participate in decisions and will benefit from a "Leader" account which allows you to receive notifications on the modifications which occur on Grottocenter for the countries and the massifs of your choice, but also information on the quality of the data by massif.

Grottocenter faster

Vincent, who joined the development team a few weeks ago, has just modified the code of the two applications (Back-end which provides the data and Front-end which is the one you use) in order to optimize the data which are exchanged. The result is faster page display because less information is downloaded.       I invite you to take the opportunity to contribute .

Grottocenter safer

  In order to increase the security of your connection and to better protect your personal data, you will have to change your password on Grottocenter.   Vincent has just joined the Grottocenter developer team. His first mission, which he took on on a voluntary basis, was to take stock of the security of the application. Based on his evaluation, with Clément and Benjamin, they improved the Grottocenter code. For these new features to be implemented, in particular the use of BCrypt to encrypt your password, you will need to change it.

The Wikicaves association is also mailing lists

 The Wikicaves association works to share information on the underground environment. To achieve this objective, it publishes the Grottocenter site, but it also animates the speleo-fr list. If you want to exchange with other French-speaking cavers, just register here If your organization needs to create a mailing list, you can contact us to benefit from this service.

Add and edit riggings

  Now it is possible to describe the equipment necessary to be able to explore a cave and to update the existing riggings.     Thanks to Benjamin for this very nice job.   Now it is possible to provide on Grottocenter all information related to the discovery and exploration of caves

Add comments on the entrances page

  Benjamin has just published the code which makes it possible to create comments on the page of an entrance.   You can thus say what you think of the cavity, formulate an evaluation of its aesthetics, the ease of access and the ease of progression as well as the access time and the time you have spent underground.     In addition you can edit your own comments (as well as administrators)     Thank you very much Benjamin for this very beautiful work  

Grottocenter and the Geoparks

Sophie Justice is in charge of the Chablais Geopark and coordinator of the European Geopark Network (EGN). During the 16th European Geoparks conference held from September 26 to 30 in Italy, she presented how Geoparks can use Grottocenter to manage cave information.

Protection of sensitive caves on Grottocenter

The UIS has just sent a letter to all the federations and to the delegates of each country to invite them to contact the Wikicaves association to set up a partnership so that we define together the data available to the federations which can be directly integrated into Grottocenter and those for which special protective measures must be taken  

Locate caves on Grottocenter

 On Grottocenter, the entry page has seen a new button appear. It allows you to visualize the position of the cave on OpenStreetMap. It's a way to invite you to improve the map so that it resembles the reality on the ground as much as possible.  

Video conferencia

   Ya está disponible el vídeo de la jornada organizada con motivo de Eurospeleo Forum  

Video Conferencia Grottocenter/BBS

En el marco del XIV Foro Eurospeleo 2022, únete a un taller en línea de Grottocenter y del Boletín Bibliográfico Espeleológico (BBS)!     Nos vemos el sábado 10 de septiembre a las 18h (hora de Burgos, España) via Zoom:   ID de reunión: 847 5120 4689 Código de acceso: 272983     Clément Ronzon, el creador del software, los invitará a contribuir de forma interactiva a la base de datos espeleológica, global y participativa.    

New on Grottocenter

 Today two new features on your caving database:          > First of all, a link has just been created between the cave sheet and the network to which it belongs, if applicable.      > Second novelty: your user profile page is now editable (Name, first name, nickname, password and email). You will now be able to access it at will.