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Cave Inventory : Bouches du Rhône - France

Bouches-du-Rhône is a department in the south of France named after the mouth of the Rhône River . It is renowned for it's capital city, Marseille and it's Calanques which were recently (April 2012) declared National Parks due to their uniqueness. At a caving point of view, this region has some notable underwater caves like the Cosquer cave . Grottocenter has a detailed cave inventory of this region with 562 caves . We are also lucky enough to have an active member of the GrottoCenter community who has enrich the available information for this region. So, Guy Maurel give you access for example to the Daladé cave map. Thanks to him and to all the GrottoCenter's contributors.

Cave inventory : Lebanon

Lebanon is a small and be autiful country on the Eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea. It is also a really rich place for caving : Grottocenter has 285 caves for this country. The most famous caves are the Jeita Grotto (finalist of the New 7 Wonders of Nature ) and the Afqa Grotto. The coordinates usually used for caves in Lebanon are the Lebanon Lambert, however, with GrottoCenter you can convert it to any other coordinate reference system. For more information about caving in Lebanon you can contact the association Libanaise d'études spéléologiques .

GrottoCenter Tips n°2

You come back from a caving trip... The time has come to share with the community. First you need to log in to GrottoCenter Then you need to find your cave in the database. There is multiple ways to do that but the simpler is to find it on the map an then click on the cave pack which represent it. You can update the details about the position, the depth,  the length, the address, ... but this will be detailed in an other post. Today you will tell what you discover during your caving trip and if you enjoyed it. To do that you need to click on the red "Detailed sheet..." link in the pop up. A new page let you add information. To add information on a section which is empty, just click on the "+" on the right. For a section which already has information you have 2 choices : You can enrich/update the existing info by clicking on the pencil icon on the left You can add a totally new info by clicking on the "+" on the left Be careful