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Showing posts from February, 2023

New menu bar

  Benjamin has just reorganized the menu bar and added a link to the online help, so that it is accessible from all pages.  

Beautiful buttons

 Benjamin has just released an update that makes the pages more user-friendly.  The most visible evolution concerns the buttons which are better organized, their role is easier to understand

Improved quick search

  Vincent has provided us with an enhanced quick search. As soon as you type 3 letters you have a list of proposals with more information: the summary of the document, the location, the development and the depth for the caves  

TOP25 IGN base map available

  Benjamin has just made new base maps available to us, including the long-awaited TOP25 from IGN, for France.   He took the opportunity to improve the pop-up that opens when you click on a pictogram: now it contains the development and depth of the cave.  

All changes in one page

  Cécile and Julien, 5th year students at Polytech Montpellier, have just completed a feature that allows you to have a view of all the modifications that have occurred on the page of a cave.   Thus the CC-BY-SA license is fully respected because it is possible to attribute to each contributor what he has brought to Grottocenter. To discover this feature, just click on the button below which has just appeared on the entries page.  

Quality of the data available on Grottocenter

  From the page of a country or a massif, a button allows you to view the list of cavities associated with this country or this massif with an indication of the quality of the data available on this territory.     At the bottom of the page you can find the explanations on the method used to build this index. All you have to do is contribute to improve the quality of the data available on your favorite sector.  

New key figures on the homepage

  Since this morning you can discover new key figures on the Grottocenter home page, in a block that has been redesigned to make it more dense.   Let's keep in mind that when these new statistics were put online, Grottocenter offered information on caves located in 126 countries for a total development of 30464 km.  

Statistics for massifs and countries

  Ophélie and Margot, 5th year students at Polytech, have just provided you with statistical data for each country and for the massifs which are described by a polygon.  

But who contributed?

  A new feature has just arrived on Grottocenter: the history of contributions. So you know who contributed, when. Just click on the new icon attached to each element that makes up the page of a cave.