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The IKARE project makes its data available on Grottocenter

  The IKARE project is a speleological-karstological inventory of North-East France.     This is a partnership between the Rhine-Meuse Water Agency, the Grand Est Speleology League (LIGES), the GEREE design office and the LOTTERR laboratory of the University of Lorraine, which has made it possible to build a very comprehensive database.   The data contained in this database have been partly made available to the Wikicaves association so that they can be integrated into Grottocenter. This work will be carried out gradually, it relates to nearly 1400 karstic phenomena.  

Take part in the General Assembly of the Wikicaves association

  Take part in the General Assembly of the Wikicaves association The Wikicaves association publishes the site which allows information to be shared on the underground environment. It invites you to participate in its general meeting which will be held from April 16 to 23, remotely by exchange of emails, with a conference on Thursday April 20 at 9 p.m. (Paris time) This will be an opportunity to find out how it works, who is involved in the project, how it is financed, etc. You will also be able to give your opinion on the priorities concerning the features you expect for 2024. If you want to participate, to get involved, it will also be possible to discuss with all the people who contribute in 1000 different ways. To participate in the general assembly of the Wikicaves association, tell us by sending a message with your email address from this form See you soon.  

Grottocenter: free software

  Grottocenter is free software that you can download at any time. You can very easily request new features, report a bug or participate in development. All information is here  

Map on Grottocenter: even better!

  Vincent has just published 3 improvements on the maps:   The scale is indicated, which makes it possible to quickly have indications of distance ; A button allows you to choose whether our location is used to center the map and to display a point where you are ; The map URL can now be shared, it contains positioning and zoom information.      The cave where I organized an outing last weekend is located here,6.093984246253968,20