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Grottocenter in full screen

Vincent has just published a new feature that allows you to view entries, networks, organizations and massifs on a full-screen map. Just click on the new icon on each map  

The membership campaign for the Wikicaves association for 2023 is open

  This year we have chosen to entrust Hello Asso with the management of memberships to the Wikicaves association.     HelloAsso is a social and solidarity economy company which supports more than 200,000 associations.   Your membership, your donation will allow us to continue working to promote the sharing of information on the underground environment.   You will have access to regular information on the project, will be able to participate in decisions and will benefit from a "Leader" account which allows you to receive notifications on the modifications which occur on Grottocenter for the countries and the massifs of your choice, but also information on the quality of the data by massif.

Grottocenter faster

Vincent, who joined the development team a few weeks ago, has just modified the code of the two applications (Back-end which provides the data and Front-end which is the one you use) in order to optimize the data which are exchanged. The result is faster page display because less information is downloaded.       I invite you to take the opportunity to contribute .