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New Document Type: Report

  It was possible to declare that a document was a "text" or a "book" but this was not appropriate for proceedings, reports, CVs of a study, a conference or an expedition.   Now it is possible to associate a document with the "Report" type  

Agreement with CDS du Gard

  The Gard CDS and the Wikicaves association have just signed an agreement to define how these two organizations will collaborate in terms of data on caves.   CDS du Gard is authorized to present data from Grottocenter in the VMap Speleo application and has direct access to this data. In return Vmap Caving data for which the authors have given the right to share their work will be gradually integrated into Grottocenter.   In addition, VMap Caving data will be archived on the Grottocenter infrastructure in order to secure them, without this data being able to be used.  

The Speleological Abstracts (SA) advances

  From now on, the analyzes of journals published in Switzerland that have been carried out within the framework of the BBS are easily accessible on Grottocenter and from a dedicated page on the Grottocenter Wiki