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IKARE data available on Grottocenter

  The animators of the IKARE project have made part of their data available for integration into Grottocenter.   They are now available.   Thank you for sharing    

UIS Glossary published

The Dictionary Sub-commission's Glossary Project has now published Stage 1 of its UIS Cave and Karst Glossary, English version. This is the initial stage of what is planned to become a significant multi-lingual multi-discipline speleo glossary. And it will at last provide definitions for the bare terms in the Cavers Multi-lingual Dictionary. In due course we will be calling for help with improvements, new terms, further languages, and further karst disciplines. You can keep in touch and/or participate in the project via its forum on the "cavedata" board. Glossary:               isglossary-en.html Project background: exgloss.html Forum:                 rum/viewforum.php?f=19 Peter Matthews Glossary Project Leader  

Country, State, City are determined automatically

  Vincent's work has been published. From now on the country, the state and the city where the cave is located are determined automatically.   We use the services of Nominatim, which relies on data from Open Street Map, which is licensed by OdBL.   This improves the quality of information available in Grottocenter and simplifies the work of contributors  

Go to country page

  Benjamin has just set up a page, accessible from the menu, which provides access to the list of all the countries in the world.   By clicking on the name of the country you reach the page which concerns it, statistics and all the cavities which are there.