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Volunteers for GrottoCenter & FSE Partnership development

Dear Caving Friends, The FSE has the pleasure to inform you that we have signed a partnership agreement with the association Wikicaves who has created the well-known site that become "Privileged Partner" of the European Speleological Federation. The aim is to broadcast this speleological multilingual wiki-tool (5 languages at this day) among the clubs and local caving structures allover Europe. For this, the association Wikicaves is looking for volunteer cavers in every European country, and even outside Europe, in order to developp the following actions : - Exchange informations on a definite area (county, regions, states or European linguistic area) (local correspondants) - Translation of the website in other languages (at this day English, French, Spanish, German and Bulgarian) - Web development (Integration of the different caving modules in the site) - Data entry of specific data about European