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International Female Caving School

Dear all,          We are pleased to invite you at the fourth edition of the International Female Caving School that will be held this year in Padis area, Romania, in the period 16.09. - 24.09.2017 The school addresses especially to girls, but boys are welcome too.          More information about the event you can find in the invitation, on our website   and also on our facebook page minin . If you want to join the event please send the registration form at We are hoping to make this not only a school but also a big meeting event, so, we are waiting  for you in large numbers. Please distribute across your contacts.  All the best, Team SpeleoFeminin

Invitation for a Speleo competition

The Bulgarian Federation of Speleology would like to invite you to an International Caving Competition of speleo-disciplines. The competition has been organized regularly for a number of years for Bulgarian cavers, but this year we decided to open it to other countries as well. It will take place on 29 April and 30 April 2017 in Karlukovo village, Bulgaria. There will be 3 separate competitions: A technical competition for a 2 person team that includes: rigging and derigging of a pit, passing through a pre-rigged vertical rope system, knots knowledge, self-rescue. Cave survey and preparation of a complete map of a small cave by a 2 person team Speed climbing For the best performers in each competition there will be awards, provided by local equipment shops. You can find more information here. BulgarianSpeleologicalFederat

France HABE Prize 2017

The  France HABE Prize  is awarded by the  Department of Karst and the Cave Protection of the International Union of Speleology  (UIS).    Its purpose is to promote the protection of karst and caves for generations to come. Their natural legacy are proven sources of increasingly rich information about the history of our planet and humanity, enabling people to act more thoughtfully, efficiently, and sustainably for the future of our environment. Nominations must reach by May 20 , 2015. For more information: php?option=com_content&view= article&id=79&Itemid=383