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Description, history and documents associated with the caves

 It is now possible to create and edit the descriptions and the history associated with the caves. You can also associate documents with entries. You can of course add all the documents of which you are the author and associate them with the caves.  

Associate a BBS document to a cave

 From now, on Grottocenter, it is possible to associate to a cave documents that are already present in the BBS. I invite you to try it's quite fun  If you wish to associate your own documents with a cave (article, photo, topography, topo points, video,...) you must start by importing your work into the BBS and once a moderator has validated it, 'associate with the cave. For the tool to work perfectly it is necessary that we have more complete abstracts for the documents present in the BBS but also files corresponding to all these documents. Feel free to contribute to the BBS!