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The massifs are available on Grottocenter

Now you can create a massif on Grottocenter and draw polygons to represent it on the map. This massif can correspond to an area in which you work, to a classified site or to any area that interests you. Automatically all the caves located in the polygon you have drawn on the map will be associated with your massif

Networks are available on Grottocenter

 A network is a cave with several entrances. To view the networks, the easiest way is to ask to view them on the map and select the network that interests you. If you are connected you can modify the network information (name, length, depth).

"GrottoTeam": The GrottoCenter contributors

A big thank to these people and all those who participate and contribute to the Grottocenter project! If you want to make your bit of job, feel free to contact us