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Grottocenter safer

  In order to increase the security of your connection and to better protect your personal data, you will have to change your password on Grottocenter.   Vincent has just joined the Grottocenter developer team. His first mission, which he took on on a voluntary basis, was to take stock of the security of the application. Based on his evaluation, with Clément and Benjamin, they improved the Grottocenter code. For these new features to be implemented, in particular the use of BCrypt to encrypt your password, you will need to change it.

The Wikicaves association is also mailing lists

 The Wikicaves association works to share information on the underground environment. To achieve this objective, it publishes the Grottocenter site, but it also animates the speleo-fr list. If you want to exchange with other French-speaking cavers, just register here If your organization needs to create a mailing list, you can contact us to benefit from this service.

Add and edit riggings

  Now it is possible to describe the equipment necessary to be able to explore a cave and to update the existing riggings.     Thanks to Benjamin for this very nice job.   Now it is possible to provide on Grottocenter all information related to the discovery and exploration of caves