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Caving expedition in Kyrgyzstan !

The Fund for the  Preservation and Exploration of Caves (FPEC) offer  cavers the opportunity to take part  project on caving research in almost  non-explored caves in Kyrgyzstan.

In Kyrgyzstan  , the caving potential is huge. Almost all prospective regions are poorly explored or unexplored at all. Cave systems which were discovered previously require further exploration.

In connection with this we think that the co-operation with colleagues from other countries with the aim to make joint researches in Kyrgyzstan may bring good results.

 This year we are planning researches in the perspective regions of the Turkestan Range located in the south-west of Kyrgyzstan and associated with the Pamir-Alai Mountain system.            

For the time being those regions are insufficiently explored and that provides good opportunity for the wide search of caves.   Besides, there is an ancient cave-mine having the known length of tunnels of about 6000 m. The further researches are required.  The cave is represented by the difficult labyrinth of artificial and natural galleries and huge halls. 

In this regard you are invited  to take part in the expeditions in July-August, August-September 2017:

- July-August, exploration expedition, perspective regions and search for the new caves 
Maps show the regions for the planned researches as well as geological structure of the area.

- August-September, expedition to the ancient Kan-i-Gut Cave-mine and study of the hydrothermokarst system of the Pobednaya Cave (currently known only about 1500 m).

The Fund fior the  Preservation and Exploration of Caves (FPEC) will fully assist you.

FPEC will  provide the following:

- Transportation
- Food supplies
- Base camp equipment (kitchen and dining tent, crockery and other)
- Individual tents
- Ropes and other gear
- Electro-generator

If you have already scheduled your expeditions for this year you are welcome to participate in the  2018 expeditions.

Please contact us:


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