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Mountaineering Caving Club ’’Dvig’’ in collaboration with the Speleological Committee of the Mountaineering Association of Serbia organize an international caving expedition on Suva planina mt. (Serbia) in the period from 9th to 19th August. It is our special pleasure to invite you to take part in our expedition.

Suva planina Mountain is located near the city of Niš. It is the highest limestone mountain in the Carpathian-Balkan region of Eastern Serbia, the highest peak being Trem, 1808 a.s.l. The central area of the mountain is a karst plateau called Valožje, at altitudes from 1400-1700m, which contains various forms of underground and surface mountain karst. The average depth of the underground karst caves is from 50 to 100m, and there are vertical caves with occasional or permanent ice and snow. So far, more than 40 speleological objects, predominantly vertical caves, have been recorded in the wider area of Suva planina. Most objects were explored only in morphological terms.

Nemanja Milosavljevic
Mobile/ Viber: +381 63 473 935

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