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Why join Wikicaves? Why use Grottocenter?

The Wikicaves & Grottocenter goals and philosophy
We all agree that caving clubs and agencies managing data related to caves face the same difficulties. That’s why Wikicaves was created.
It seems to make sense to have ONE tool common to all cavers in order to avoid the multiplication of the projects requiring each team to spend much time and efforts.
This is why working together will help the whole caving community develop the most appropriate solutions.

Why join Wikicaves? Why use Grottocenter?

Hwo does the Wikicave work for you and your federation or association ?
When we sign a partnership, in return for your providing data , we take care of its digitalization and integration in the database. We have already done this it for a number clubs and individual cavers in France, Germany and Switzerland
as well as over 5800 caves in Asia, the equivalent of 6 volumes of 100 pages on the African continent. We have already over 50,000 caves in the data base covering more than 86 countries with over 2,100 contributors around the

Data is entered either directly or by the Grottocenter team who then takes care of the digitalization and integration in the database . Grottocenter partners are regularly kept informed about additions and updates made in the database
on caves in their countries ,including additional data that might have been added by cavers from other areas of the world.
If you wish to enter a partnership, our commitment will be to keep you on caves in your own country . Moreover , you will be able to contact and use data entered by any cavers regarding caves in your country to expand your
explorations . You will also be able to promote caving in your country by getting credit for your work and including links and contacts to advise or refer cavers and to your federation or your clubs.

To make access easier, the website is available in 8 languages (the Arabic version is underway). The Wikicaves association, which publishes Grottocenter, is a community based project which means that everyone can take part
and take part in its decision making.
We are not alone .... Wikicaves is funded and supported by the FSE ( European Speleological Federation) and is working in partnership with IUS (the International Caving Federation) to facilitate caving and make communication
between the various caving communities easier around the world

A word about cave protection :

Grottocenter allows you to define the level of precision as a possible response to the sensitive issue of cave protection. As a number of caves need to be protected in some way for a number of reasons, each country can decide to implement its own acceptable accuracy standard. Individual members or local speleological organizations can provide information while , if necessary , limiting the level of accuracy , in particular for the location , in order to protect caves If necessary to make impossible to locate caves precisely, in order to prevent access without prior contact with local cavers or clubs. Grottocenter uses licences which allow sharing information while respecting copyrights.

We hope we have answered some of your questions . Feel free to contact us for further information


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