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Karstlink meeting

Hello Karstlink members and fans,

We finally have fixed our online meeting, the date will be:
     Saturday, May 2nd,  9 am western Europe summertime (UTM+2)

You will find early descriptions of the project here:

and here are the slides I will be using as a lead for the meeting:

See you on Saterday "morning" !

Conference info:
If you do not have a computer with a microphone (and optionally a camera), you can use the phone access:
From France  ‪+33 1 87 40 25 73‬   Code : ‪915 810 621#‬

It is possible to join through other local phone numbers (with the same Code), e.g.:

États-Unis (US)   +1 617-675-4444
Slovénie (SI)    +386 1 828 21 45
Australie (AU)   +61 2 8320 4510


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